Gunner Form : Arc Shot

Total:120 (40)Bustershot+(20)Piercing+(20)Northwind+(40)Microburst
Sig Pool: 360/660 (120) (140) (40)

Gunner Form:Arc Shot:

Arc Shot functions off of Seraphim's energies, channeled into a blast to be rivaled. It functions well for defeating the defenses of enemies, flaying them bare with the blast of magical energy before the attack hits. The magical attack is strong enough to literally send the targeted foe flying backward after the attack, even far enough to smash into something else at times. In essence, it is a form of precise sniping, which may seem a bit redundant, but works quite well enough for Seraphim.


[1:] Northwind to an enemy, then deals Buster Shot (Attack*Rapid*2) to the same enemy, with the aspect of piercing and microburst behind it.

Turn Cooldown
-3 CD