Prima Materia : Purple (MP Rage)

Total:40 (sig cd down by 1)
Sig Pool: 480/660 (140), (40)

Prima Materia Resonator:Purple:(MP Rage):

MP Rage Prima Materia of the Resonator is literally "slotted" into Seraphim's weapons, letting it give baseless form a shape and need, allowing a certain navi to speed the occurence of his mana regeneration, allowing him to use his other spells quicker. Seraphim cannot actually use this signature himself, only his Support Unit can. In essence, it is "slotted" into his Support Unit, allowing it to consistently use it whenever possible.

[1:] Lowers the Cooldown of one of Seraphim's signature attacks by 1.

[2:] Only Usable by Support Unit.

Turn Cooldown: