Changes to other sigs

Level 1 Sigs:
1.Anesthesia: DNR turns his hands into syringes and shoots Anesthisia into the victim. The attack will sleep the victim for a turn and deal 40 DMG. The serum is so powerful that it cant be woken up, even by attack . A two turn cooldown period then happens where it cant be used.

2. Defibrillator Gauntlets: In response to Polonius's dreams to become a renowned Cardiologist, DNR gains the ability to turn his knuckles into miniature defibrillators! Using their electrical circuits, DNR can either punch the enemy right to their heart, offsetting their heart beat levels. Through this same system however, DNR can stabilize his own by punching himself hard enough. (Heals 60 or Hits 80 TCD 2)


-Anesthesia gets 10 extra attack

-Defrib. Gauntlets get 5 more HP to heal and 5 more Damage