Raito and Zero EXE

apperance:Raito has brown hair and green eyes.He a green shirt with a model ZX logo on it.He also wears blue jeans.
personality:Raito has a kind personality.He is kind and friendly to others,plus he loves to netbattle.But he has a bad attitude and short temper.
PET modifications:Raito PET is green and red.It has a model ZX logo on the bottom of the screen.In the back it has kanji for"love" and "hate"

netnavi:Zero EXE
description:zero's head armor has a blue crystal and has red,black armor.Plus on he wears a small red jacket and red and black armor on his body.He has green eyes and long yellow hair(bascally he looks like zero in megaman zero)
personality:he is kind and talented at slicing with his sword.He is determined and fool around alot.
custom weapon:(Z-saber)a green saber that is used to slice zero's enemies.
signature attack:(Mutiple Z-saber slash)It allows zero to slash his enemies mutiple times.
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