Level 1 sig - Ballboy

Currently lets me reuse up to 3 chips that completely miss (if the chip causes any damage, it's considered spent) before cooling down for 2 turns.

I'm finding that I practically never use it because it eats up a turn for an effect that I rarely use anyways. I would like to add "costs no turns to activate". Thanks.
Seeing as this sig breaks the cap anyway, I'd like to bring it under review.

You get to reuse chips that miss, a veritable homing effect for a couple more actions, as well as simply having them after "using them".

By simply recalling 3 of your most damaging chips after they have missed, you can recover up to (50*2)+(50)+(40*3)=270.
I can't believe this... Break the cap? It's the equivalent of saying "increased accuracy".

Mods who would allow people with increased accuracy to miss can just as easily make the second and third attempts of mine miss.

The damage is being done by the chips (not the sig) so it's not like

(50*2)+(50)+(40*3) + (50*2)+(50)+(40*3).

I don't understand as well as simply having them after "using them". Tennisman isn't a recovery type nor will he ever be and it's specified that it can only be returned if the chip deals no damage whatsoever. This includes cracking tiles or breaking or having an effect.