Mutually forced sig edits ^^

Gram: Gungnir transforms his sword into the Demon slaying Blade, increasing it's power tremendously but imbueing it with darkness. Activates it for one action, and adds 40dmg and breaking to normal attack. Loses 20%HP for each swing taken on the turn of activation, and cooldown is equal to the number of swings taken, and can be no less than one.

Change: Getting rid of free activation and CD=actions-1 clauses

Sleipnir: Gungnir is empowered by the Eight legged horse of Odin, granting him immesurable speed and power for the turn, and transforming his sword into a winged form. 9x10dmg, splittable, one free dodge, 3CD

Change: +20dmg, adding free dodge, losing haste

Yggdrassil: The roots of the great mountain of the gods come from the ground and defend Gungnir with their power, which once activated, generates a damage reduction field that absorbs 50% of all damage, up to a cumulative maximum of 135 Damage. It will begin cooldown three turns after it's activated or once it reaches it's max, and all spillover damage is dealt to Gungnir. The armor can be dismissed early. Cooldown is at least 1, but is damage absorbed divided by 40, rounded up for total CD.

Changed: just about everything

Fenrir: Summons the power of the wolfson, Fenrir, to create explosions of icicles from the ground. The Icequake explodes and damages two enemies. The icicles are not cumulative, and cannot all hit one enemy. If it breaks, it deals half damage. Each deals 60dmg if it hits two enemies, and 70 if it hits one. The attack is not affected by accuracy reducing effects and has a 4 turn cooldown.

Changed: Upped CD, weakened spread hit, replaced break with no accuracy loss
Or, in math terms:

Gram: (Level 1 : 120 Cap + 60 Cap Nerf) <<Tentative, given the Nerf effect used is still under development.>>
-- Add (40 Damage + Break - 20% HP + 1 TCD) per use, Limit 3 uses max.
-- Minimum 1 TCD. Maximum 3 TCD.
-- Costs 1 action for initial activation, and minimum CD (even if he doesn't use it once he activates it) is 1.

Note: I tried to tell him he didn't have to do -20% HP, that -20HP was plenty, but he insisted because it will feed a later sig attack. Thus the -20% HP nerf will be treaded as a -20 HP nerf. He undertands this and has agreed to it.

Sleipnir: (Level 1 : 120 Cap)
-- 10 Null x 9 hits + Free Dodge.
-- 3 TCD.
-- Can split attack for up to 9 targets.

Yggdrasil: (Level 2 : 135 Cap)
-- Damage reduction 50% per hit, maximum of 135 cumulative damage.
-- TCD = Damage absorbed/40, rounded up. Minimum 1 TCD, Delayed. Maximum 4 TCD, Delayed.
-- 3 turn runtime limit. (Not a Nerf.)
-- Costs 1 action for initial activation, and minimum CD (even if he doesn't use it once he activates it) is 1.

Fenrir: (Level 2 : 135 Cap) <<Suggestion: Needs further revising. Spread Effect was not used in the balance calculation and Accuracy Effect was not agreed upon. I cite failure of clear communication, not malicious intent, as the problem. Human error.>>


[/My 2 cents.]
I understand Fenrir is weird, so I would like to ear other peoples concerns on it as well, and ideas for balancing it, because, if I'm not mistaken, Pally and I hammered out that it was unbalanced in 25 points two ways, it lost 25 points of damage when it was used on one emeny, and gained 25 points of damage against two