Changes to Bard

Seeing as I have been away from the site for a long while and the rules have chaged I see that some catching up on Bard is in order. Her orginial sig attack is

40 damage to one target, "blind" effect which is reduced accuracy, and 3 turn cooldown. With the rule changes I would like to change it to

-60 damage to up to two targets. Would be 30 to each of course.
-Each target effect by the attack gains blind effect.
-2 turn cooldown.

If this is over or underpowered compared to what it should be just tell me. Ihave no problems changing it around a bit.
Well, to tell you the truth, a starting Signature Attack is 70 damage with a 2-turn cooldown. Effects like blinding cost 20 damage towards that cap per enemy that they affect. So, if you wanted to blind two enemies with your Sig, then that would cost 40 damage toward your cap, putting you at 60 + 40 (=100 damage).

Either reduce the number of enemies that are blinded, or reduce the amount of pure damage that the Signature Attack deals.
AH ok I understand. Then put it as this then.

Two Darkness balls are made.

-One does 50 damage to on target
-The other gives blind effect to one separate target.
-2 turn

That sound beter?
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