Overhaul: Valkyrie charge

So, missed both the cooldown and the dmg increase change, I guess its about time to get things updated.

I'm making Valkyrie a charge based navi, (her abilities wil revolve around the buster charges), hence, I'd like this sig to be changed around a bit.

Name: Valkyrie charge
Level: 1a
Sig Cap: 90
Description: Charging the boosters installed on her back with tremendeous power, Valkyrie can achieve very high movement speed for a short period of time. She can use this to move around the battle-field, or even to jump up to very high places; however, her favorite tactic is to imitate a cavalry charge. The ability gives movement, and if followed by a melee attack, it receives increased accuracy, break property, and + 30 bonus dmg.
- Active / no action / Cooldown: 2 turns
- Takes up one buster charge instead of action.
- Free movement (ignore terrain? if too string view it as fluff)
- Next melee attack gets boosted by 30 (does not stack on multihits), gets break property and increased accuracy.

- changed action into charge
- Added break effect
- Reduced dmg by 10 in exchange of new effects (since it was pre dmg increase)
- Reduced cooldown to 2 (cooldown update)
Hmm. OKAY!

Free movement is fluff, though.