Overhaul: Skogul's Sacrifice

So, missed both the cooldown and the dmg increase change, I guess its about time to get things updated.

I'm making Valkyrie a charge based navi, (her abilities wil revolve around the buster charges), and I'd like to get this one back to its original state:

Name: Skogul's sacrifice
Level: 1b
Sig Cap: 90
Description: Sieg developed a method to sacrifice data for raw energy. While it is still far from being called "light" type, it is a good start. Valkyrie can sacrifice 15 hp as a free action, which works like charging the buster for 2 actions. On a side note: This hurts like mad f*ck, so it will probably make her angry. Trust me, you don't like her when she's angry.
- active / no action / Cooldown: once every turn
- Self damage 15 hp
- Get 2 buster charges

- Instead of instantly doing the charged attack, Valkyrie keeps the charges to use as she wishes.
Lol, approval.