Emulation Check Upgrade

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Lv2: Emulation Check: Nac alters his protocols behind processing information to the point of overclocking it, thus allowing him to see his opponent on a deeper scale. This allows him to analyze his opponent to the extent of 'learning' one of their special attacks.

Against Virii: Mimics the appearance of one target's attacks, using it's element and dealing the current lv2 sig cap, rounded down to the nearest ten, to a target of choice.

Against Navis(or when with an ally): Allows use of one of target's lv1-2 sigs to a target of choice, assuming he's seen it before or has forced himself into their databank (by use of Nature's Embrace).

Cooldown is (dmg/40, rounded up)+1 if copied from a navi, or(if mimicked sig deals no direct dmg) 4 turns.

Current sig cap: 105, so it would deal 100 if used from a virii for a 3 turn CD.

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Current sig cap: 120, so it would deal 120 if used from a virii for a 3 turn CD.

Simple enough. Just making sure we're clear on it is all.
Yeah yeah, approved and all that.