2.0.0, Fury: Prefix to a Strike, Blade, or Arrow.

2.0.x, Fury: Prefix to a Strike, Blade, or Arrow. Adds a dodge and +80 damage to Strike. Adds 100 damage to Blade. Adds 60 damage+stun to Arrow and makes Arrow explode in a large area of effect. Cooldown 3. Must be applied to all three: Strike, Blade, and Arrow, at which point it enters a cooldown of 5, before it can be used on the same one twice.

If I am reading the rules correctly, 95. It depends what the table takes into account. It's very confusing.

*Will edit so that damage is appropriate, later*
Right, can't approve this then. The damage+ to blade is over the cap.


After another look through, perhaps the damage cap is 105; 75 plus 10 for each level 1 attack.

Based on that, this should meet the cap.
You would be correct.