Eon is tired of doing pitiful damage.

1.0] Arc Energize

1]Arc Shot/Arc Blade: Seraphim fires a ball of constantly arcing energy which hits the targeted foe for (Attack*Charge*Rapid), for a max of 99 damage. The Cooldown on this is based on the damage. In Job Extension Sword form, it is "renamed" to Arc blade, and does (Attack*Charge*Rapid), divided into 3 hits for a max of 33*3 damage.

2]Elemental Madness: Seraphim Applies the Arc spell to a chip as he wills, powering up the chip by a certain amount as well as imbuing it with an aura of a chosen element, giving it powers beyond its original command. This costs Seraphim as well, of course, as it costs more power to give the "spell" more power, but less so.

This function gives the chip any one element, if it already has an element, it combines with that element. It also gives the chip +(Attack*Charge*Rapid)/5 Damage. This also applies a +1 cooldown onto the Attack, using the cooldown bar as below, but based on how much damage a normal Arc Shot/Blade would do. Imbuing an attack with this function is a swift action, and doesn't take any actual actions.

If it is below 40, it is 0. [Once per every turn]
If it is below 80, it is 1. [You get the point, right?]
If it is below 99, it is 2. [Hopefully.]
Nerg. Approved... *Goes to eat dinner*