Block: Build

Cap: 80

Block: Build

Frag uses his own lifeforce as a focus, drawing nearby unorganized data together to mold together a block of data. Given that part of his energy is sealed in the new being, he can manipulate it as he sees fit. Also, if he finds that the block no longer serves his purposes, he can absorb the block into his own systems, completely converting the block's integrity into his own.


Uses 20 HP to make a 40 HP "Block".
Does not count as a Signature Attack.
Frag can have more than one "Block" at a time.
Frag can use an additional action to convert any number of existing "Blocks" into HP for himself, healing for an amount equal to the total existing HP of the "Blocks" converted.
Frag can use an additional action to move any number of "Blocks" as he chooses, within reasonable bounds. (Usually, will be used to deflect attacks. ^^; )
1 turn CD.

At the end of battle, all existing "Blocks" are automatically converted into HP for Frag.

When converted back, do they equal 40 hp each, or 20 hp each?
40, if I'm reading that right, and I'd say that this should have a maximum number of blocks. Either that or a maximum number that you can absorb in one turn. Like... 2.

Whatever the HP of the Block is. If it hasn't been damaged, 40 HP. If it's taken, say a Metool Shockwave, 30 HP, etc etc.

I'll go with a maximum absorption. Keep in mind, I'm using these things more like barriers, so they'll probably be heavily damaged by the time I "absorb" them.

But do I still get all blocks absorbed at end of battle?
No. I'd say have them carry over to the next.

Alright, so "Block" barriers carry through battles?

On second thought, how about we just have them go away at the end of battle. >>;

Waaah. Can't I at least redeem them for health, as the first option goes? It's not as if I'll go over my Max HP with use...
If they only converted back to normal health, then I could see this happening, or maybe even a 3/2 ratio.
there could just be a cap on how much HP he can get back from battle-end consumption, like capping at 20-30 each block, so he gains less than usual no matter what, but still has the potential to get at least his cost back for wasted blocks.
In my defense:

1 turn CD.

I'll create, what, 3-4 blocks, max?

With my current life, 100--I'll create at most 2, as my HP won't let me do any more realistically.

So the max I'd heal is 40-60 anyhow... bleh.
Fine. Approved.

Quick fluff edit:

When he creates a Block, it's randomly designated a color (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple).