New Op/Navi Pair

Name: Christopher Lemrock (Chris for short)
Age: 22
Gender: Male

Appearance: His hair is quite long, falling down to about his shoulders, and is as black as black can be. His eyes are the trademark sapphire-blue of the Lemrock family. On his right ear, a long gold fang earring dangles out his hair. His favorite outfit is a hoodie blue T-Shirt that says, "I'm Cool, you're not. Live with it," in big white letters, a pair of blue jeans that fit him 'round the waist perfectly, but are really baggy everywhere else. He sometimes wears a hoodie the same colour as the T-shirt, but has no words. His shoes are simple white runners, with blue stripes going up the sides. Completing the look, but at the same time looking really out of place, is a belt with holsters going all around the belt. In every holster is a different totally sci-fi, self-made gadget, one of them being his PET.

Personality: Very hip-hop. He tends to swear when there's trouble, but keeps a clean mouth everywhere else. As his IQ puts him at super-genius level, he was immediately taken in by Sci-Labs, and ascended the job ladder to being one of the four people that are just one step under the head honcho. However, though he loves tinkering with anything that flashes lights or beeps or anything else electronic, he hates paperwork. Unfortunately, much of his job involves that, so he tends to be a bit grumpy most of the time, which he solves with coffee. Other than that, he could be confused with your everyday street kid in demeanor, and often has to confirm that he is in fact one of the four Directors of Sci-Labs in meetings and everywhere else.

PET Modifications: While the outer casing may look the same as your average Link Pet+, the hardware inside is all Chris' work. The memory was custom-built to contain over 10 times the memory of the usual amount, which is really saying something. (fluff) The hologram projector can project life-like images at sizes from the size of his fingernail to life-size. (fluff) Also, the sound is crystal-clear, and can play music with about the same quality as the average stereo system. (fluff) Finally, the Navi-healing process takes about five times quicker than the ordinary process.

Name: Binary.EXE
Gender: N/A
Element: Normal
Type: Normal

Appearance: //Sprite//
Very simple in design, yet incredibly versatile. Binary's entire body is composed of an unbelievably flexable data material, white and translucent in colour, that can flex and stretch and morph as much as it wants, not unlike a jellyfish. 3d, black ones and zeros float around freely inside him. He normally stands a bit taller than a standard NormalNavi. His arms are normally very slender in appearance, but could be a female's or a male's. His chest is no deciding factor, for it contains neither female nor male features. His emblem: four white zeroes crossing four black ones in a '+' pattern, against a neutral grey background. His head in helmetlike in shape, and again, could be either gender. His lower torso is the oddest part of him. Instead of legs, his upper torso just continues and connects with the floor. Where he connects with the floor, he looks a bit as if he'd been 'splooged' against, and gotten stuck. He can move, however, by transforming his lower torso into something moveable and going his way. However, though he can transform into any shape, he'll still retain the same body colour and transleucentness.

Personality: Either were little, or none at all. He speaks in a loud, robotic monotone (Ishmael, anybody?) because Chris programmed him to help him with work, paperwork, memory storage, and scheduling. He obeys noone but Chris and anyone Chris tells him to. As he is a Director's Navi, he is used to giving orders and commanding other Navis.

Custom Weapon: As almost all of Binary's body is composed of variables, he can morph himself into almost whatever he wishes. His charged attack is of the same nature.

Signature Attack: Streamline: Binary steamlines the code flow in his body, letting energy flow through him. He can use this energy to enhance any attack he uses with his own power. (+10 damage to any chips used this turn, does not stack on multi-hitters, doesn't use a turn to activate, 2-turn CD)

Yeah, just like King, I created Silas and Phoenix in a spur of the moment. Now, I've really lost interest in them. I'd like to keep all my crap, and not get any new crap, plz. I'll tell my reason:

Okay, once I finish this fight I'm doing right now, I'm gonna kill off Phoenix. Silas will give up on NetBattling and retire, and send Chris all his Battlechips and stuff (plus the money, 'cuz he has credit cardz and everything), knowing that he'll find a use for them. After all, his IQ is past genius-level.

Is this okay?
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Remember, all your PET mods are fluff.


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