Aran skavinski & drakeman.exe

name:aran skavinski
appearance:he has black hair that stands up. hes pants are black coulored and kinda too big he has a dark red t-shirt with a black flame mark on the back he has a mask covering his mouth and nose
pearsonlity:he hates almost everything and dont particulary like anything. there is only two thing he loves, its netbattleing and music
PET modifications:dark-red with a black trim

Drakeman.exe has two big dragon-head formed shoulder pads.
he's armor is a dark-red coulored plate armor with small spikes on the on hes knees, hands, thigs armor parts.
hes helmet is formed laike a dragon-head without the lower part of its mouth.
under the eyes he has a mask kinda like aran's.
personality:drakeman is also an assasin lika aran just he deletes navi's and viruses he is very loyal and is aran's only friend when aran's feelin down he always cheers him up with some music. drakeman also is a really kind guy which trust's aran more than anything in the world.
custom weapon: drake buster: the drake buster is a dragon-head formed buster.
signature attack:dragon slash (2)70 its just like a life sword just that it can only damadge the first enemy it hits

look the spell check thingy big problem oooopppsss i am from norway
You don't have to start a new thread in order to post an update to your registration, just so you know.

Thing about your Signature Attack: they aren't allowed to resemble Battlechips or Program Advances, and what you gave really isn't that much of a description. What does Drakeman do in order to execute the Signature Attack? Does he jump up and then slam his sword down on the enemy? Describe the sort of actions that Drakeman will take to use his Signature Attack, and then you should be okay.