Starting Sig. Mods

(We're supposed to register new changes to our sig. attack thanks to the cooldown changes, right? Well, I figure now's a good time to get some other changes done as well. Bear Hug just isn't doing anything for me. Seriously, how do I explain the cooldown for that? "Oh, my arms are tired. I can't hug anymore. Now let me swing a sword and claw some guys for the next three turns." Doh.

So yeah. Changes to the max.)

Strength Reserve
Using a secondary reserve for power, CrushMan briefly augments his strength.

This signature attack takes one turn to activate. It increases the damage done by his next melee attack by 60 and gives the attack the 'Break' effect. The effect wears off after the attack. The signature move has a cool down of two turns.

So, if CrushMan activated his ability and then struck with a sword, he would deal 140 damage rather than the normal 80. Were he to miss, the effect would be lost and not carried over to his next melee attack.

Pros: Good damage and break effect make it a handy use against defending viruses. It makes a decent last resort against weak viruses when paired with a basic melee attack.

Cons: Damage upgrade makes this attack best used against stronger viruses. Overkill against lesser Virii when paired with melee battle chips. The use of a turn also limits its effectiveness against weak viruses, a turn that could instead be used to simply attack with a weak battle chip.

(There. That should do it. Should be fun to roleplay with too. I originally had this at something different but then I realized that it was pretty smacked up. 0 turns to activate? No way that would've slided by.

I tuned it down a bit after that. I did get a new idea for a signature move though. Woo!)
...And then I'll castrate them, and then I'll- oh, sorry, nevermind what I just said.