1.0B: Terraformer

Terraformer (100 Cap)

Of all the subsystems, few would deny that Argo is by far the most reckless, with little desire for tactical maneuvers. However, even he can utilize a well-conceived technique that doesn't involve slicing an opponent into ribbons or pounding it to a pulp by utilizing the experimental 3L3M system integrated into Rass' body. Rass' 3L3M system was originally designed not for combat. Sharo's R&D department originally designed it to transform small portions of the harsh environment of Sharo as part of a network urban development program. While the device has been modified for use as a standard elemental booster found in most navis, Argo managed to reinforce its core functions while skulking around the arm units.

When activated, Argo takes command of one of Rass' limbs, concentrating his presence into that area and boosting the 3L3M system to its maximum capacity. With that, he smashes into a panel, fusing both himself and the 3L3M system temporarily with the panel. Shortly thereafter, the panel undergoes a strange transformation, since Argo's influence, combined with the overclocked system has been poured into it. The 3L3M system goes straight to work, changing the panels to one of four elemental types in an area-of-effect manner. The end result is a large pool of elemental panels, with a strange object in the center. The technique exhausts Argo's own reserves, preventing the use of any melee-range techniques as well as overloading the 3L3M system's reserves for that particular element. As a result, certain chips become unusable for a short while.

-When activated, melee-range chips and chips of the same element cannot be used for the rest of the turn.
-Creates a 60 HP elemental obstacle, surrounded by Lava, Ice, Metal, or Grass panels
-Lava: Magma Cannon — erupts once per turn, dealing 30 fire damage to a target
-Ice: Mist Generator — Shrouds directed area in mist, decreasing enemy accuracy by 1 rank while it remains on the field
-Metal: Magnet Block — attracts up to 2 non-electric objects per turn to the block
-Grass: Great Tree — creates fruit every other turn, healing 40 HP to any target
-3 turn cooldown
*Slashes with the Approval Scythe*