Just about everything

Nifelheim: 50dmg, freezing, splittable two ways 3CD: I'd like to change this to two

Gram: normalattack gains 40dmg for one turn, I take 20% life damage and the cooldown is equal to the number of swings I take: I'd like to make it "number of swings I take-1, no less than one"

Fenrir: 70dmg to two enemies <(140)>, non-stackable<(-30)>, breaking<(+10)> 5CD: I'd like this to drop 2CD

YggDrassil: this is fine

Nifelheim: Fine.

Gram: Cooldown is number of swings -1, damage stays the same.

Fenrir: Yeh. No damage change, Cooldown alter approved.

Yggdrasil: Still counts as an edit, meaning I AM INDEED ninja enough to handle four sigs at once.