1: Duo Shot/Lifegiver

Somewhat heavy edit under new cooldowns.

(Cap is 70)

Level 1: Duo Shot/Lifegiver

Piece 1: Duo Shot

Wiz fires off two shiny, silver orbs, one after the other, at a target. The orbs burst in a small explosion on impact. 20+30, Splittable, 1-Turn CD

Piece 2: Lifegiver

Lifegiver is a small, passive piece of code embed in Wiz's program that is constantly repairing a small amount of damage. Oddly enough, he has a personality and can actually project his image/voice outside of Wiz, though it cannot do anything beyond that with these abilities. This is only the first of two pieces that Trenn will eventually code-- the second one will unlock these abilities and allow him to heal more. (Passively heals 10 damage per turn, adds fluff when second piece is registered in a later sig attack)

As per our agreements, yadda yadda yaddda, edited your regen15 to 10. Now then...