1-A: Towering Guard

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1-A: Towering Guard (Block up to 4 Attacks/Hits) Add 1 turn of CD per 2 Charges. Charges must be activated in pairs.
- Desciption: Broadside utilizes his massive Tower Shield to attempt to block incoming attacks. The shield is brought into the line of an incoming attack, the extension plates are deployed, and the shield is magnetically charged to help repel the attack, providing a solid wall of defense that will hopefully deflect an incoming blow. Broadside can charge the shield with up to 4 Magnetic Charges at one time (without an NCP boost), with 1 turn of cooldown added for each additional pair of charges given to the shield. Cooldown begins when the Tower Shield is hit enough times to expend all of the charges, which also causes the shield to move back to its storage position. The Shield NCP grants a +1 Max Charge Limit bonus to this move if equipped, and does not add to the CoolDown of this move.

- Note : Towering Guard can only defend attacks from one direction at a time. If attacks come from 2 separate, and widely diverging directions at the same exact time, one is guaranteed to hit. The Tower Shield, when deployed, also hampers some of Broadside's other Sig Attacks, as well as his ability to use his right arm for Throwing and Melee attacks (because the shield is in the way).

Just halving the CD again.

4 blocks, 2CD, that is all.
So, 1-2 CD, eh? Sounds fair.