1-C: Missile Barrage

Level 1
Damage Cap: 80

Non-Fluff Summary
Total Damage: 60 Elec / 12 Shots
Abilities: Homing Attack (+20 Dmg Cap)
CD: 2

1-C: Missile Barrage (5 Elec x 12 Missiles + Homing Attack) CD: 2
- Description: Broadside opens the bay doors for the Missile Battery, locks on, and fires a cloud of long-range smart missiles that see right through Invis and Dropdown, and are immune to Blinding effects. Dodging this attack is more than merely difficult, it's nearly impossible, as the missiles will turn around to come after the target, and are relentless in their pursuit. All else failing, the missiles have a proximity detonator, and will fire their warhead at the target around a corner if necessary.
Tone down to 10 shots? Or take off the auto-breaking, seeing as you can add breaking with your Subtype?
Add Breaking?

At the cost of 1 of my 4 actions, making the entire attack take 2 actions to execute, thus doing an average of 30 Dmg/Action to a single target, and possibly wasting half of a turn when one of the mods decides to ignore "homing" in favor of a miss?


Well if that's what has to happen, I guess that's what has to happen.

Just put in "homing" in bold and italics. XD

If that's alright, then approved at 12 shots of 5 elec, 4 turn CD, homing.
Halving Cool Down. Nothing fancy.

2CD it is, y'all.

EDIT: NINJA'D! Damn you, Eon.