Lv.1 Edit: Hawkeye

Alright, let's face the facts; Gatling Rush is completely and utterly useless. Furthermore, I find it to be poorly named and altogether ill-concieved. I hate it with the fury of a thousand suns. So, my proposition to youse.

(1.0) Hawkeye
Months ago, the Net denizen then known as NOU-001 lost his near-limitless powers over the Net's mindless constructs in an unfortunate accident revolving around the theft of the experimental program tenatively dubbed the Aleph. Swift, after poring over NOU's ruptured program for days without sleep, finally came to some half-solution while he was lost in the haze that precedes unconsciousness. He awoke the next morning to find he had enabled NOU to summon some slight dregs over the power he had once posessed... At least, he thought he had. Testing this recovered power in the Electown Net, the duo found that whatever power they had unlocked, it was useless for this purpose. However the denizen concentrated, he could not so much as move a data stream. Swift finally gave up and instructed his partner to rest for the time being. NOU slowly padded back to his homepage link, casting an exasperated glare at a lone Met waddling along in his wake. The creature gave a strangled "meep" and halted its pursuit. NOU stepped through the link, but Swift kept his sights on the Met. The poor virus was frozen in mid-step, one foot held lamely in the air. It was as if it had been frozen... In addition, a thin stream of data had begun to flow away from its host, the equivalent of a bleeding wound. A thoughtful grin played about the youth's lips. It would take some refinement, but he could use it to his advantage...

Gunner fixes the enemy with a spellbinding glare. Anyone brave enough to meet his gaze will notice a complex pattern of thin red lines spreading from his pupils across his irises, before they find themselves unable to move. This attack stuns an enemy for 2 turns and inflicts upon them a 5 damage burn. 4 turn cooldown, starting once the stun effect expires. The burn damage does not stack with repeated uses of Hawkeye.

I'm just ballparking the numbers, since I don't know what kind of limits something like this has. After all, there's no knowing how much damage this will do at any given time. I'm willing to lower that number to one or decrease the burn if this is overpowered. The cap at the moment is 70 damage.
This 24-hour bump is brought to you by Uncle Bealzebub's All-Purpose Flour.
"Share the evil."
... wait a minute, 2 action stun or 2 TURN stun?

What's with the 5 damage? Elaborate, please.
2 actions, I suppose. One each turn, for two turns.
"5 damage burn" means that the virus takes five damage at the end of each turn. I could impose a limit for how many turns the effect remains, if that's too powerful.
... Just add in that repeated uses does not cause the 5 per turn damage to stack, and I think we're good.

Otherwise, we could impose a 6-turn limit on the burn...

Your choice.
I didn't intend for it to stack in the first place, so I'll edit that first bit in.
There, done. Is everything in order?
Just swap the term "Stun" with "Paralysis"...

Quote ()

... wait a minute, 2 action stun or 2 TURN stun?

...because Stun lasts in terms of number of actions, while Paralysis is measured in full turns. As far as we're concerned, 2 Turn STUN is a contradiction in terms. Saves on confused Mod reactions like the one above. :lol:

That's all I have to add.

(I know this isn't posted anywhere yet, so I'll work on fixing that when I have time. )
Thanks for the clarification, Pally!


Yup. You're tenatively approved. Go waste some people with that glare.