1.5 Signature: Soul Fist! Tear Asunder!

1.5b Soul Fist! Tear Asunder!

MeleeMan's gloves ripple with strong heat waves, and his gauntlets stream smoke. Using his strong hands, MeleeMan grabs the opponent and attempts to rip apart their defenses, tearing armor, pulverizing bone, crippling muscle, etc. The attack is intended to put a hole in their ability to resist his attacks, and is quite disarming. The actual damage it does is nothing on par with his fist attacks, however.

- 30 damage (+10 free damage is allocated here)
- Fire element
- Enemy hit takes +15 damage from every attack that hits them until the end of the turn, rounded down
- 4 turn cooldown
* (This sig has +30 extra damage cap, but I'm basically not using them because I want to keep low cooldown)
... Whaaaa?
"Whaaa?" What's that supposed to mean? XD

Anyways, I'm refiguring it for the wanky growth system. >__>;
... wait, so if....

1. SFTA!
2. Shotgun (50 + 10)?
The shotgun would do 60 instead of 50 because of the increase, but only after the SFTA hit. An increase of 20%, you see. It would apply to all attacks on the enemy until the end of the turn.

Of course, I'm willing to negotiate and nerf it a bit if that's what it needs. Honestly, this is really one I want for the RPing aspect. XD
... I no likey %s. Static +15 to all subsequent attacks on stricken target ok?
Hrmmm.... I guess that would be cool. Alrighty, I'm good with that.