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Signature Attacks: Fake-out:

After charging up a Charged Attack, Frag does a strange maneuver where he converts his arm back into a fist. With nowhere to go, the gathered energy propels Morcuma's forearm from his arm, firing it like a rocket into the opponent and blasting it back, then slowly returning to Frag.

--Used on a Charged Attack. Adds +20 and knockback onto Charged Attack.
--Fired Arm arm takes a turn to return. Meanwhile, Frag cannot use buster attacks on fired arm. Chips can still be loaded there, tho... (RP purposes only)
----IE, if he fires on turn 1, the arm returns on turn 2, he can attack with it again on turn 3.
--Can be used on both arms, leaving Frag... with pretty much nothing except for chip attacks from the arms. XD


Signature Attack: Far Punch:

Frag swings at the opponent, weakening his hold on his arm as he does so. In result, his arm that he punches with literally flies at the opponent! Strangely, the arm launched seems to be driven by more than physical force, as after striking its target, it slowly floats back to Frag, who then reattaches his detached limb.

1. 1 action.
2. 20 damage and knockback.
3. Arm "drifts" afterwards. Frag can "grab" his arm the turn after with an action, or the arm returns by itself after 2 turns.
4. During "drift", buster attacks can't be used on "drifting" arm. However, chips can still be loaded.
5. Can be used with both arms.
6. No real Cooldown (well, 2 turns drifting if left alone).
You and your transformers.

I guess its cool. Just remember you're going to have to explain this to every person who mods you :3
Figure I'll check if this is OK.

Out of sheer awesomeness, Frag can use Far Fist to launch a melee-range attack at an opponent, using the fist to propel said weapon (Sword, RageClaw, etc).

1. The attack does the damage of the chip loaded. The 20 damage is negated.
2. The Chip is loaded first, then launched.
3. If Frag doesn't override the chip, he can pick up the arm and continue attacking with said melee chip.

We cool?
We Cool, bish.