Ross Zero and RapidmanEXE

Name: Ross Zero
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Appearance: Very pale in appearance, along with pink eyes and pure white hair, extending to the middle of his back seems to comfirm him as an albino. Short in stature, and a meager build, he looks a lot like a push-over, but he knows a few forms of Martial Arts, and can hold his own in a dire situation, though he rarely uses it. Ross dressed heavily, regardless of the weather, which usually includes a rather large winter coat, complete with a Coat pouch and Hood, a red scarf wrapped around his neck, and baggy gray pants that nearly covers his feet.

Personality: As he was constantly picked on as a young kid because of his birth defect, Ross developed an anti-social personality, usually avoiding others, and being the quiet one in amny conversations, quietly listening. Ross is also slightly submissive, and when someone asks him to do something reasonable, he will usually agree and ask for nothing in return. Ross thinks that if he becomes a great Netbattler and Virus Buster, people would respect him more, and look at him more than the "albino kid", but his navi can be a bit unruly at times.

PET Modifications: Ross doesnt have much as far as modifications are concerned, but he does have an Anti-theft system which delivers a shock to anyone who tries to touch it with a different set of fingerprints than Ross when its on.


Name: Rapidman
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Type: Cursor

Appearance: Rapidman has a Muscular build, and is about as tall as Glyde, taller than most basic navis. The Cyber-Armor he wears is pretty basic, the only notable features being two large, lightning-bolt shape antennae portruding from the back of his helmet, and its color scheme of black, with yellow lightning stripes strewn across his torso, and legs. On his left arm, where a buster should be, a vulcan cannon takes its place. Despite his rather muscular appearance, Rapidman specializes in speed and ranged attacks, and will hardly ever get up close and personal.

Personality: Rapidman can be considered to be Ross's polar opposite. Very outgoing and social, he often chats up Navi's on the net, and can be quite hilarious at times. Rapidman has been known to disobey Ross's orders in favor of his own, including on the Battlegrid. Rapidman is also known to be a bit of a pervert if he sees a NAVI he likes. Needless to say, He has quite the personality chip embedded into him.

Custom Weapon: A Rapid Fire Vulcan. Charged attack releases ten bullets, the first one charged with electricity to stun the enemy. The charge animation shows the Vulcan barrel spinning around.

Signature Attack:
Drill Shocker: Rapidman locks onto one enemy, and releases an Electric pulse from each barrel of his vulcan, while spinning, making it look like an Electric drill. It hits seven times, doing ten damage each. Two turn Cooldown
Well first I was like 'Hrmmm...', then I was like 'Oh, he needs to add a cooldown to his signature attack!'.


Err...I thought All beginning Signature attacks had a two turn cooldown.
Depends on what you put in it. Yours would, in this case, but you still have to list it.