Discipline and Warning Procedure
We use a 3 Warn system at RERN. If you break a rule, typically you will receive a verbal warning first. If rule breaking continues, you will receive a Forum Warn. A Forum Warn goes away after approximately one month, unless otherwise stated (more serious rule breaking results in longer Warns.) If you accumulate 3 Warns, you will be banned from the forum for one month. If, for some reason, you receive 3 Warns after a month ban, you will be permanently banned.

General Posting Rules

  • No flaming.

  • No excessive swearing. Try to keep it PG-13.

  • No pornography. This includes text and images. Again, PG-13.

  • Forum signatures that are too long will be removed. (This doesn't mean character information, that stuff is important, and at most we will spoiler-tag it. What we're talking about is walls of large images, large bouts of nonsense text, etc etc.)
Roleplay Posting Rules

  • Use proper grammar and spelling as much as possible. If there is a reason you cannot, (dyslexia, ESL, etc.), then please PM a Moderator, Official or Admin immediately so we know.

  • Absolutely no sockpuppeting. (using multiple accounts)

  • Do not try to bribe the Mods for any reason.

  • Do not Metagame: defined a using OOC information for IC gains.

  • Do not Godmode: defined as controlling characters that do not belong to you in your posts.

  • Do not Autohit: defined as causing an attack to hit the target in your own post without waiting for the Mod's decision in their post.

  • Do not jump into another Player's thread without first getting permission from the Player(s) in it.

  • Do not randomly attack other Player Characters. You must have permission to engage in impromptu PvP.
Bumping Rules

  • One Bump per 24 hours from last Player post.

  • After three bumps without a response you may PM one of the Moderators and they will handle it.

  • If you are in a Modlocked battle (boss fight, mission, etc.) you may PM-Bump that Moderator instead of Bumping the topic, but still only once per 24 hours.

  • After three bumps in a Modlocked battle without a response you may PM one of the Officials and they will handle it.

  • You may use the chat to Bump a topic as well, provided you do not spam the chat and have still waited 24 hours.

  • Please be respectful when bumping and PMing staff.