Silver Edits

-Hope that I managed to fix everything I was missing, sorry about that!

-Silver communication edits - primarily to use images as communication to other Navis in place of verbal descriptions of surroundings and enemies.

It enables Silver to transmit his thoughts and feelings as data; due to the nature of the data transmission, it can be picked up and downloaded by any Navi within speaking range, allowing them to see and experience it as well. However, the initial contact can only initiated with permission from the receiving party. This only can be used between himself and fellow Navis; the experience is, however often very overwhelming for the other party, so very rarely does Silver use it to communicate with anyone.

-Silver's Emblem-
In the center of Silver's chest, a circular crystal like disc seems almost grown into the broad scales that ran along his underside. Running through the center of this disc is a silver lightning bolt, with two silver dragon wings coming from either side, as if in flight.
Looks fine to me, approved.