Trent and Sasha GMO changes and New

Trent is level 19, giving me four GMO spots, and has a few unfilled GMO spots. I want to keep one of my current two the same, but change the other one. The one I am removing is,

HoodieKid.GMO: In this GMO Trent's appearance is changed to that of a teenager looking kid. The He looses his broad shoulders and large frame for something more spindly frame and smaller shoulders. In this GMO he stands at 5'7" tall, and weighs a mere 150. His tough arctic clothing is all replaced by a black hoodie and a full black body suit. Over the body suit a loose fitting pair of dark blue jeans is worn, with a hole in one knee. The hoodie has a large hood, the top of which falls down to shadow his eye lines. Sometimes the hood is so large it blocks his eye sight. The hoodie is scuffed and dirty. The fighter still carried his knifes with him, though he only has three on him. One is concealed in the hoodie lining, some in attached to his calf under the jeans, and the other is a tiny shiv in the front pouch on the hoodie. Trent's Hair remains the same. His hands become taped like a boxer. This GMO was designed by Mark to conceal Trent's imposing nature. He uses it when introducing Trent in a new fighting circuit, or when trying to make Trent stand out less.

I am replacing it with,

Jaguar.GMO: In this GMO Trent loses all of his modern weapons and modern looks for a far more tribal appearance. His feet are covered with open toed, light-brown, leather sandals that lace up just above his ankles with leather straps. His pants are removed and he wears a pair of black briefs as under clothing. Around his waist is a tribal tabard that hangs down to his mid shins. The tabard is covered with tribal writing and lettering around the outside, and a deep red striped running along its edges. The tabard itself is white and connected to his waist by an ornate belt of large golden pieces, connected together by rope. His chest is fully exposed in this GMO. Over his shoulders lays a mantle made of ornate leather, rope, and gold; covering the top portion of his chest. On his head rests the head of an animal, a large cat in fact. The top of the cat's mouth is on his forehead and the bottom of the jaw sits under his own. The headpiece covers the rest of Trent's head and it connects directly to the mantle. Out of the back of the headpiece sits many large feathers, standing straight out behind him. In this GMO Trent's arm tattoo is fully visible and his knives are changes to jagged pitch black blades.

I am also going to add this GMO as well.

Native.GMO: To follow through with the theme of his other major GMO, Mark also designed this GMO after a great breed of fights, choosing to focus on one of the greatest knife fighters in history with this one. Trent loses all aspects of his modern clothes and undersuit. His boots are replaced with leather shoes that barely crest over his ankle, and his camo pants are replaced with a full light brown pair of pants made of tanned leather. Along the outer seams of the pants are strips of leather that hang down and dangle by his side, made out of the same material. Some of the strips are dyed red in color. These pants are held on by a dark brown leather belt. Trent goes shirtless in this GMO, and his hair grows to his shoulders. His face is covered in facial paint, being yellow, red, and black in color. The three colors layer across his face in bold lines, the red being the boldest and biggest. On his chest are vertical painted markings, painted from the same colors. His hair is held back by a headband and on the side of the head back is a disk that has his navi logo on it. Out of the back of the headband are 4 large feathers. One of his knives is replaced with a stone tomahawk while in this skin and the other is replaced with a stone blade. He carried an additional three blades on his person, keeping some tied to his leg, ankles, or stuffed along his pants line.

Also, my SP is level 10 and I would like to register one GMO for him.

Puppy.GMO: In this GMO Sasha loses everything that was imposing about the large white dog. His size is greatly reduced to that of a puppy. His whole body gets smaller, his head is larger now for his current body size. Sometime while in this gmo he had trouble keeping his head in balance. His feet are very large for his body size, showing how much growing the dog would have to do. He becomes an adorable small white puppy.