Appearance change from This to this

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A Tall bear shaped navi with visible separation of his hands and legs, having large indentations from both hips and bright yellow rings on his wrists with indentations on the top. His backside is blue while his underside is bright cyan. he has a large loop over his neck and chest resembling his operators scarf, with his insignia at the center. Above it are 2 lines on his neck. his nose is blue and extends towards his blue underside. his eyes are pupils. His hands have claws on each of his 3 digits and thumbs and has digitless 4 clawed feet. (I'll get a better sketch done)


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A massive bear shaped navi with brown shaggy fur and a light-brown underbelly with a huge grey crescent marking at his chest. he has big shoulder pads that reach over to his pectorals and back, and have huge circular studs on them, with a flexible brass line that reaches to his glove like hands with a spoke on the elbow area. around his neck is a thick and solid collar resembling his operators medallion scarf.  His hands have a dark blue base with lighter blue digits and white retracting claws, each with thumbs and a brass wrist. and his legs and pelvic areas furless and blue with darker blue thigh pads and 2 line indentations around the ankle of his feet, which have four white non retractable claws. metal plates with huge studs are on his waist.  His nose and ears are of a grey metal and has 2 teeth visible from his jaw on each side. his eye have pupils but no iris.

Changing Bearman's subtype from Guts to Shield

IC reason: in preparation for more net activity, Bearman has had his defensive aspects modified for better usability.

Good to know we'll be seeing more of brother bear. :'D