Exorcist's SPs

Name: Bhikkhuni.SP
Element: Wood
Subtype: Ground

Appearance: Bhikkhuni is a short, dark-skinned girl with the complexion of one from Yumland. Her eyes are very similar to Exorcist's, large and bright blue, but the difference in their attitudes makes it hard to draw this connection. Her hair is long and dark brown, parted away from her forehead and kept in four rings, one pair at each side of her head. Her body really isn't much to look at and still looks like a little girl's. She dresses in a dark green robe with a black chest protector and another thin, white robe underneath. A black undersuit covers her body beneath all of this. Atop her head sits a black-dyed monk's takuhatsugasa shade made of durable woven straw. A white ring on her hat shows her emblem, which has changed to match Exorcist's. Her weapon is a golden shakujo that, at best, can be used to whack somebody. The shakujo's traditional use is to aid in warding off spirits and also keep small bugs and creatures out of the way of the footsteps of men.

Personality: The SP goes back on her appearance of being a Buddhist priest on a minutely basis. She was apparently told by her former operator to go on a journey to find her religion. The journey he described, to her disdain, was becoming an SP. She understands the value of reaching nirvana, however, so she has devoted her life to being a great assistant now, hoping that the payout will be big once she reaches enlightenment. Her #1 motivation in life is self-profit and making the most of her situation. She is still like a little girl in a lot of aspects, however, namely preferences. She is world-wise, but not exactly smart. Bhikkhuni sees Exorcist and Counterinfectualism both as cash cows and would love to exploit them, but she sees Burt as a doofy accomplice at best. While she respects his desire to use Counterinfectualism selfishly and achieve a perfect world, she realizes the stupidity of his methods. She resigns herself to go along with him anyways, as per her role as an SP.

Supposedly, her usefulness as a navi and SP is in using her shakujo to fight. She's pretty inept in combat, however, and can't do much more than a support role. Her best ability is to "purify an area" and return it to a natural state.
Wow, Aim was actually reserved in his design of a female character. Now I've seen everything. Approved.

Name: Mary.SP
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Recovery

Appearance: Mary is a tall woman, half-a-head taller than Exorcist, with good measurements befitting a mature woman. Her figure is what one might call "motherly," with soft features and especially large breasts. Her hair is long, wavy, vibrantly pink, and constantly shimmers as if wet (yet it does not look grease or oil, rather, new moisture). Her skin is soft and very fair. Her eyes are a sort of clouded blue color; she almost always keeps them closed. She wears makeup with long eyelashes and painted lips. Her face usually keeps a calm, pretty expression, although she often lights up an enigmatic, curving smile.

She dresses in a white nun's habit with a red-and-gold clergly cloth slung across her shoulders. Other adornments to her habit are also gold. Her shoes are actually vibrantly red boots, but they're usually hidden underneath the hem of the robe. Beneath the robe, she wears another long shirt over a pale gray navisuit.

Along her belt, several hanging vials of holy water are attached with different shapes and volumes. Her emblem, which now matches Exorcist, hangs around her neck attached to a golden chain, which is woven into the shoulder/neck section of her habit.

Personality: Mary is a kind, motherly figure who seems pleasant, although slightly guarded in her opinions. She is highly tolerant of almost any form of nonsense, abuse, or prejudice. Seemingly, she's the ideal nun. In reality, Mary took up life as an SP and left her convent for a similar reason to Bhikkhuni. Although she won't admit it to anyone, she's something of a sex addict and is very wise in all matters related to fornification.

She's taken a serious oath of chastity now, however, and is trying hard not to break it... Mary's thoughtfulness and goodwill towards others aren't an act or anything, but the sex-craving side of her is another just as real part that she has to keep subdued. She believes that serving as an SP with a stable lifestyle and less privacy for herself might help her get over her addiction.

Although almost any observer will believe she is blind and she states as much herself, those who have enough time to study her actions will realize this is a lie. Nobody is really certain why she's pretending to be blind, but "the eyes of God" become a convenient excuse that allows her to overcome most situations...

She sees Burt and his navis as cute children who may need her guidance to get along.



Upgrades to both navis: Both SPs are getting speed upgrades, bringing them up to 2 actions. This will cost 200 bugfrags total and bring both of them up to level 5.

203-200= 3 bugfrags remaining
Looks fine to me.

New .GMOs! Using their level 5 slots.

For Bhikkhuni, using .GMO 2 of 2:


Bhikkhuni's hat and robe are swapped out for a green bikini. The bikini has white frills around the straps of the top and around the waist of the bottom, giving her a cute, childish look. Her hair is let down, styled only with a big sunflower clip at one side. It looks much more girlish and wavy than it lets off in its normal style. She wears flip-flops as well, which also carry the sunflower pins at the upper straps. She still carries her golden shakujo, which looks a little weird without all of the other stuff.

For Mary, using .GMO 2 of 2:


Losing the robe and... basically everything else, Mary wears a shiny blue bikini with very little substance. The bikini is tight everywhere with thin, V-style straps on the bottom and very little attempt made to hide any cleavage at the top. A terribly unfitting gold cross is printed on the front of the bikini bottom. Beach slippers adorn her feet, blue in color with cross prints on the wide upper straps. She carries a white beach bag, which she uses to carry all of her holy water vials.


Also, using my bugfrags:

Bhikkhuni gets Chip Preset for 100 bugfrags, is now level 8

Mary gets HP +30 for 60 bugfrags, is now level 8

0 bugfrags remaining