Ice Queen.GMO/Gravedigger.GMO

A sexy dress for Aim, and a parka for... whoever's into that, I guess.

Quote (Level 5 GMO)

Ice Queen.GMO
A rare combo of both function and fashion, this GMO polarizes Anyis towards her ice abilities and, at the same time, provides a lovely formal dress for her to wear. The dress itself is, true to its name, an icy blue color, and at just a glance it almost looks like it is made of crystals instead of cloth. The skirt of the dress is frilled at the ends of 3 layers down to her ankles, but cut along Anyis's right leg to her knee to allow some freedom of movement. Anyis's chest is hugged by the dress's upper portion and lacks any traditional straps, instead going with a pair of silk-like translucent ribbons than loosely flow over her bare shoulders. Her topaz-embedded, elbow-length gloves remain, albeit with the dress's icy hue, but their ability to transform into Anyis's silver gauntlets is replaced a technique to encase her arms in pure ice, creating impromptu but functional ice gauntlets. In similar manner, all of Anyis's ice-crafting is highly improved while wearing this dress, yet at a cost of significant reduction to her ability to fight fist-to-fist. Fancy dresses typically aren't the best option for melee battles, of course. To fit with the rest of the formal attire, Anyis ties the loose sides of her hair behind her head and tucks the locks trailing down the back of her neck underneath the new knot. Anyis's belt-mounted emblem has no place on a dress, so instead it is moved up to her neck as a choker for her to wear.

Quote (Level 10 GMO)

While this GMO's original sole purpose was making it easier for Anyis to dig through snow, Mill quickly discovered that it synchronized unexpectedly well with her ghost manipulation. Equipment-wise, it's hard to tell what actually changes with Anyis's normal clothes, since the vast majority of her body is draped in a heavy fur parka, akin to those worn by the old indigenous people of Sharo. The fur lining of the parka is just as white as the snow Anyis digs through, though the main body of the parka is composed of the thick, nearly-black fur of some unknown, godforsaken creature that won't be missing its coat any time soon. The parka is tied together all the way from below Anyis's knees to just below her neck. Her head is wrapped in a fur-lined hood, and because of the cramped quarters, the loose ends of her hair are usually pushed up over her collarbone. The white boots Anyis wears receive a similar black fur treatment with white lining, though the soles are those of spiked cleats, to help her get better footing on ice and snow when digging. Her silver gauntlets retain their same general structure, though now the fingers are remodeled into large pointed claws like those used by most digging creatures. Lastly, her normal belt is kept as-is, only this time laid over the parka to keep things snug.

How digging improved Anyis's channeling ability was really unexpected, especially considering that she draws her ghosts from the airborne entity that is the River. True to its name (rather, this was how the GMO got its name), Anyis digs up a ghost buried in the snow, assumes its powers, and proceeds to do her thing. By randomly seeding the ground with ghost data, sentient or otherwise, upon activating this GMO, Anyis can just dig up what she needs and use it in a fraction of the time it normally takes her to channel. And since she's digging up dead things... well, there's the name. Worth noting, though, is that despite its function being the traversal of snow, this GMO muffles Anyis's control of ice to a degree, due in equal parts to her extremely well-insulated parka and the sharpness of her gauntlet claws.
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