Saluki.exe's first GMO

[Ninja edit: realized I forgot to name it.]

My first GMO: I was thinking that Sally might need to blend in with more normal navigators at one point, a beast navi might be startling; and I'm thinking of the ire that beast man had towards humanoid navi's! So something that she could have for in crowded area's to blend in or to just be incognito. Besides you never know when you might become (in)famous.


Sally's alternative graphics is the normal navi that her program was upgraded from.

Her work boots, open faced helmet, long gloves where a solid black; with a pink catsuit and covering her torso and extremities; more importantly her identity. The bottoms/insides of her boots, the insides of her gloves and the insides of her helmet where accented in pink as well. What little exposed skin on her face, was pale gray and her eyes where a solid rose. Under her breasts but above her navel is her round floral crest that is usually used as a decal on her favorite toys.

Personalty: Mostly the same as before, what little expression you could gather from her face was usually serious, sullen or bitter. She is well misanthropic and used to working alone.

Signatures: Her buster would be the generic round cannon and would still be on her left arm; being well left handed. Her signatures would be almost the same minus the fact that she had no bell to ring or a skull to use and I would probably have to work on tweaking how they would look when I do a full update on my homepage. With Saluki.exe 1.0 (summoner subtype) and Saluki.exe 2.0 (wind subtype) and hopefully this GMO. I really want to keep a history of all my changes and how I played out different attacks and different signatures.