Currently: Summon subtype.
Want: Wind Subtype.

With the changes to the summoning subtype and my broken signature(s) I was thinking that I should take this time to reflect upon Sally.exe and her performance as summoning subtype and with a reset in my signature pool and a chance to start anew.

The Good: Less lonely that is for sure; it was interesting to think of ways to summon the little monsters and looking around for pictures of other zombiefied/broken robots enemys from mega man games. Summoning a creature every turn could end up like a tribble infestation rather quick. It was pretty fun to write a necromancer-esque Navigator and it was fun to haunt ACDC net.

The Bad: A huge sink of points to be useful, more to role-play, more too mod more little things to look after. Positioning, attacking, missing and becoming targeted and destroyed. I feel kind of bad because I know in one post that I summoned two zombie objects and did a terrain change along with using chip/signatures. Let alone how long my summaries where becoming, trying to keep track of what condition each of my critters where and about when one thing comes off cool down. Juggling Masterwork is very important! And the new passive movement probably will be as well.

The Ugly: complicated to plan out and ration signature points and rough type to start out as. The bulk
of my damage coming from chips, my newer signature points where rationed between utility/defense/damage and outright fun; I frequently found myself running out of chips and the thought of summoning a zombie every turn to keep adding up another 10 damage was horrible, it just felt too passive or that it would take too long to become useful. On paper babysitting zombies sounded good but on practice it wasn't.

The Old: objects seemed to come in two flavors, the OP and the terrible. I mean I can understand why people where complaining about the passives like blueprints and the extra points; you could sink a bunch of points in making a block to hide behind or something that repeats damage every turn. But that's just the thing, either the object has to be very specific in its purpose; ex) a 60hp block, or in my case repeating glass cannons. If not it is just too fragile for how many points it took up. Next I thought about sinking more points into them but it reaches a threshold where I would have to nerf them or outright duplicate them so they could be used more than once per fight. Sorta felt like if I keep throwing points into say one zombie instance it could be almost like a mini-support program.

The New: I really would like to keep up the creepy/dark sorceress motif, I don't plan on making her do a complete 360 degree personality change or anything or even derail the direction that I have come to love. I am not mad that I'm losing the 'free' points but that was the general idea behind my original choice in that subtype, I wanted a zookeeper kinda character. The shallowest solution would be shadow, and I know I would get some flak for picking something as 'the best' option for a change; it just feels like her growth would be better picking another subtype. Wind not only seems desirable as an option but logical as well. In hindsight many of my posts are related to wind with smoke and nature (flowing flowers, bulbs, blossoms etc.) How setting grass is played out, how she enters and leaves the net, her barrier. Wood/wind seems like they would go together nicely.

The plans would be to completely clean up my signature(s). The barrier would stay for mitigation and drain for its half damage half heal. That is assuming it is used efficiently and not haphazardly, with timing being imperative! The push and pull flavor text would still be re-used with Gust ability.

I'm not saying that I'm not going to have any objects in the future; I plan to have zombies around another time when I have more points to thrown around and a larger well rounded repertoire of attacks. So don't worry I will summon objects again someday.

I'm not sure how I will role play it out, probably just an upgrade or a completely overhaul, well more of a side grade really.
Subtype Change Approved