Name: Caerbannog.SP

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Subtype: Shield


Caerbannog looks like an animated set of full plate, not a single part of his body is left uncovered by the armour. The only thing that shows that there is something inside are the two glowing white eyes, which can be seen inside the helmet. Although he was created mainly for defence, the big shield in his right hand the proof of that, he's also got a longsword. There are a few spikes placed on his armour, namely on his knees, elbows, gauntlets and two spike on the chest. No matter what the situation is he always stands tall and looks mighty.
It worsens the picture a little bit that he's only 1,5 meters tall (more like 1,58 in reality thanks to his helmet).

Caerbannog's Appearance


It's kind of hard to describe Caerbannogs personality, because he never speaks. Tim looked through a dozen times his vocal systems, but he couldn't find the problem. He couldn't find it, because there isn't one. He just doesn't want to speak, 'cause he's kind of shy, opposed to his appearance. He communicates with gesticulations and with his movements. He's very loyal to his creator, he would even sacrifice his life to protect Enchanter and Tim. Like real knights he is also chivalrous and got a lot of pride, but it can be rarely noticed, thanks to his eternal silence.

Weapon: In battle he uses everything that he's got to strike down his foes. Usually that means the sword which he's holding in his left hand, but if he needs to he can attack with his shield or even with the spikes on his armour.
Approved. You may want to make a more detailed description later (such as the armor color, etc.), but you have enough now.

Just as a quick reminder, the starting stats are:

Level: 0
HP: 40
Attack: 10
Actions: 1