Profile expansions and a .GMO registration

First order of business, I would like to expand my character profiles.
The old profiles:
Henry Chronosky
Name: Henry Chronosky
Age: 23 years old
Gender: Male
Appearance: About Five Feet, Six Inches tall, with brown hair, Blue-Green eyes and Caucasian skin. Generally wears blue jeans and a green shirt. His hair is kind of messy, even though he tries to keep it under control.
Personality: Upbeat and friendly, but somewhat cautious. He gets mad if somebody is insulting him, and often responds by ignoring them completely. He has a sense of humor though, and tries to keep things upbeat.
PET Modifications: Just a normal link PET, colored green.

Name: Delta.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: N/A
Appearance: His armor has winding red and white stripes all over the body and limbs, and there are white plates with red borders on the arms, legs and chest. His helmet also follows the pattern of stripes. What can be seen of his hair under his helmet is brown, and that's only a very small amount in the back.
Personality: Friendly, but more cautious than Henry is. He is also calmer when somebody is insulting him, simply ignoring it. He doesn't panic, even when things are at their worst.
Custom Weapon: Just a Regular buster.
Signature Attack: Delta Saber: 40dmg, 2 turn cool down: Delta forms a Cybersword out of data, then warps up to an enemy and slashes it.

The new profiles follow:

Quote (Henry Chronosky)

Name: Henry Chronosky
Age: 23 years old
Gender: Male
Appearance: Henry Chronosky stands at about five feet, six inches tall, with pale skin from spending more time than usual inside.  He has blue-green eyes and brown hair, which he never seems able to get under control.  He generally wears a T-shirt and jeans or cargo pants, though he always wears the same pair of sneakers.
Personality: Henry generally has an upbeat and friendly personality, and will try to ignore any insults or rudeness directed at him or others, or polity ask the people being rude to stop.  However, if something happens that is too much for him to ignore, or he has just had too much frustration for one day, he has a tenancy to get angry.
PET Modifications: Henry's PET is a mostly unmodified green PET.

Quote (Delta.exe)

Name: Delta.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Null
Type: Variable
Appearance: Delta stands at about six feet tall, and has green eyes.  His armor consists of overlapping and jointed plates, white at the very edges and otherwise red.  His helmet is red, with a white stripe running down the middle, and open enough to reveal his face. What can be seen of his hair under his helmet is brown, and that's only a very small amount in the back.
Personality: Like his netop, Delta is overall friendly, but he is slightly more cautious, and responds to rudeness and insults through subtle verbal digs.
Custom Weapon: Delta uses a standard buster as a weapon.  However, melee battlechips manifest as separate objects, drawn out of thin air, and gun battlechips do not change the form of his buster.
Signature Attack: Delta Saber: 2 turn cool down: Delta materializes a single use sword, which deals 40 damage and has the break property.

And the .GMO: I believe that I have two 'slots' for .GMOs, one from leveling to level five, one from starting.
Delta's armor is removed, leaving him in tan cargo pants and a red t-shirt, with generic tennis shoes on. Delta's brown hair, now revealed, is (mostly) combed down, and his eyes are still green. Delta does not fight in this form, instead reverting automatically to his standard form if attacked or attacking.
Two things:

1. Your subtype in there is N/A, which isn't a choice. Your sig says Variable, though. That's a choice. Is that what you wanted for your type in the old and new Navi Profiles?

Subtype choices are here. I assume you meant variable, but if not you need one, since N/A isn't an option.

2. Changes made here won't go into effect until you finish your current battle.

Just figured I'd let you know.

Also you're right about the .GMO thing, so that's all cool. You just need to deal with the whole type thing.
1. Thanks for the reminder, I forgot to change that.
2. That's okay, the changes are entirely fluff.
Oh. I guess what threw me off is that the "original profile's" signature attack is slightly different, but you seem to have changed that since then. Sorry, it is all fluff.