Name: Rokon.SP
Gender: Female
Appearance: Rokon looks like a young woman, slightly younger and a little shorter than Wyvern. She wears a body-tight black shirt and shorts, with a small white jacket and large half-skirt, both trimmed with red. What stands out most is her ponytailed red hair and long, fluffy fox tail, both of which she takes good care of, as well as small fox ears. She also wears gloves and low shoes.
Image of Rokon.SP
Personality: Rokon, though she appears younger than Wyvern, acts more mature than the Navi and sees herself as a protector. Her style and personality is sometimes a little too traditional, however when she makes a miscalculation or mistake she wishes little more than to be punished and corrected. Though she understand that Z-Dragon is wise, she does not like his style or his treatment of her mistress.
Element: Fire
Subtype: Cursor
Signature Attacks:
Burning Crescent: [Shot, 40 Fire Damage, Slashing, 40 SP, 1 TCD] The ankles of one of Rokon's shoes begins to burns with a red and orange flame. She then kicks with that leg, producing a flaming arc of energy that launches outwards towards an opponent. It is only tall and wide enough to hit a single opponent, however it cuts like a flaming sword on contact.

Foxfire Soulsteal: [Shot, 40 Fire Damage, 20 Fire Drain, 80 SP, 2 TCD] Rokon draws one of her pistols, the barrel transforming into a wide mouth that generates a single spiritual flame. A beam of energy from behind catches the flame and they both head towards an opponent. The beam damages with high heat, and afterwards the spiritual flame burns the opponent further. The data that is burned by the spiritual fire passes back to Rokon and regenerates her strength.
I think you may want to try and think of a different name, since Firefox is already a taken name *looks at browser*.
Aw, that's a shame. Well, I changed her name to 'Rokon'.
I have 134 Bugfrags.

Buying Speed+ V1 for Rokon.SP (100 Bugfrags, +5 Levels)
Buying Hit Point+ V1 for Rokon.SP (10 Bugfrags, +1 Levels)
Buying Damage+ V1 for Rokon.SP (10 Bugfrags, +1 Levels)

Changes Rokon.SP to 2 Actions, 50 HP, 20 Damage, Level 7 (+1 Level to Wyvern.EXE).

Remaining Bugfrags: 14
Approved. Don't forget that Wyvern gets a level as well because Rokon hit (and passed) level 5.