Ninja.GMO, Katana.GMO

Ninja.GMO (Tennisman)
Description: Tennisman is robed in a slighty loose-fitting black martial arts gi and pants that are tied tightly around his ankles. Black gloves and sandals cover his hands and feet while a black cowl covers most of his face except for his eyes, where the bandage on his nose is still visible. Overall, the GMO looks as if someone painted over Tennisman with a thick layer of pitch black and forgot to colour in his eyes.

Katana.GMO (Deuce)
Description: Deuce takes the form of an average looking katana. The length is approximately 3/4s of Tennisman's height and has a slight curve towards the tip of the blade. The handle is adorned with red diamond shaped patches and the guard is a plain rectangle.
You know you're gonna just chop the Tennis Balls in half with those .GMOs...