Personality Updates

Personality: Tennisman began his life as a standard normal navi. Over the years, Desmond installed every piece of tennis-related data that he could find on the net, resulting in Tennisman developing highly advanced tennis skills. He frequently plans several steps ahead and fights efficiently and defensively, just as he would while playing tennis. As a side effect of being infused with copious amounts of tennis data, the rules of the game were heavily ingrained into his mind, giving him a sense of strict adherence to regulations and guidelines. These morals translated into a black and white sense of justice that he follows vehemently. Viewing viruses as abberations to the net's norm, he has no qualms with deleting them and even actively seeks out problems in order to right them. Additionally, his social skills became severely compromised from being so heavily focussed on tennis, giving him no interest in small talk or unnecessary conversation.

Personality: Derived from Tennisman's data, Deuce takes after his owner in the sense that he is tactical and analytical. However, he is much more interested in the layout of the mind rather than the battlefield. He takes pride in knowing how to push peoples' buttons to set them off or to get what he wants. He is manipulative and subtle but rarely ever lets on his true intentions.