(Received this GMO through the thread I am in currently: Chilling in Yoka)


Appearance: Compared to other models of swimwear for female Navis, Yuki and Aoi decided on a more practical GMO for her.(mostly so Aoi won't ogle at her when they need to focus.) A nice and breathable one piece swimsuit is the main part of the GMO. It has been customized to fit Yuki's adult figure and covers her breasts well(C-cups for you perverts out there.). It was designed for ease of movement, breathability, and flexibility.

The pattern on the swimsuit is that of various white snowflakes on a aqua background covering top part as it fades to white near the bottom. Yuki's hair has been done up in a ponytail to keep it out of her face when she enjoys the onsen and what were her Emblem ear muffs have become a set of pins holding it in place. Her snow goggles also have been made into swim goggles to fit the theme.

Attack Changes: Yuki's chips do not form on her arm, but rather as regular weapons. Her custom buster became a water pistol as well instead of the standard buster.