Name: Turquoise.GMO

Description: Red's hooded cape changes from the blood red those who knew her, to a monotone Turquoise color. Her eyes become a shade of aquamarine instead of the warm, chocolate brown they used to be. Turquoise sports a blue, button-up polo shirt and a blue denim knee-length skirt underneath her namesake cloak instead of the schoolgirl look she had been going for before this drastic .GMO change. Her knee-length socks had changed from black to another type of light blue altogether, and her normal leather shoes had switched into a pair of black dress shoes. Her previously brunette hair switched to forest green and is freakishly overgrown over her right eye.

Turquoise's trusty picnic basket was still slung over her left shoulder, but the overall look she had gained made her look, in her opinion, dreadful, buying into a very distraught attitude and an eager urge to blow stuff up just to get this over with.

Her skin has pretty much stayed normal though, the only condolence Shin could give his poor navi for this drastic outfit.

Buster Weapon: The picnic basket! Now to reach into and throw things from it at!