Melee/Rania Profile Overhauls

Changes are marked in bold and scratches.


Netop: Rania Firebrand

Age: 18 (I'm just going to have her have had a birthday, lol)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Rania has vibrant red hair that falls about to her shoulders, in a sort of a rough bob-cut style, usually combed over from the left. She wears a pin in it that she received from her old man; it holds sentimental value, and also pictures the same symbol as her navi's emblem. Her eyes are hazel colored, but have a bright look also, with somewhat smaller pupils than many young girls; this and her often arched black eyebrows give her a very distinct, aware look. She wears a small, orange and yellow two-tone coat with white at the seperation points. Her shorts match the print, as do her shoes and knuckle gloves. Additionally, she wears a tight black shirt under the jacket and tall black stockings. Rania tries to dress in clothes that will be suitable for running and exercising, usually with tight workout clothing (top and shorts) underneath. She's grown so accustomed to her new pass-time of boxing that she will often wear her black, heavy knuckle gloves even when she is not planning to train. Her body structure is very athletic, and therefore thin. The curve of her hips is actually quite glamorous. She idolizes more muscular women, but seems to be unable to transfer out of her lithe form. She's short for her age and also has an underdeveloped chest that her navi is constantly teasing her about.

Personality: Rania has many positive attributes; she is generally social, has great drive in battle and competition, is learned in many different fighting styles, and considers herself a great leader. She idolizes strong men and her old man, who taught her everything she needed to succeed in combat (on that note, she practices organized fighting; not street fights or anything of that sort). Her voice is not exactly authoritative, but it does hold great force. Although her views at time are narrow, she tries to act in people's best interest and carry more than her share of burdens. She does, however, also have many negative qualities. Her attention span is undeniably short. In four years, she's switched from practicing swordsmanship to marksmanship to wrestling, and has finally settled on boxing. Hopefully, her love for boxing will be longer lasting than her other passions. She has an extremely difficult time being romantic, as her personality is somewhat butch. She is a decent strategist and fighter, and is therefore accustomed to victory. Raina has a hard time coping with failure. She feels like she has a reputation she has to live up to, and also has an irritating drive to be number one at far too many subjects. In general, she's spread herself too thin.

PET Modifications: Orange and yellow to match her outfit. A red bow that her old man gave her is tied to it. She has no sentimental value for it, however; she is really only keeping it on to please him. In actuality, she finds it childish and embarrassing.


Name: MeleeMan.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Subtype: Melee

Appearance: MeleeMan is designed to look like a buff fist-fighter; he is well-muscled and has an appearance suggesting an age in the late 20's. His skin is a fleshy pink hue, but hardened through intense battle. He wears a tight dark-red skinsuit, covered with a heavy, trailing black jacket[/b]; it is connected by a belt-hooked strap across the chest. On his lower body he wears dark black slacks, mostly featureless. A great waist-protector restricts his lower abs. His eyes are covered by a solid gray plated helmet, ending in a visor which can separate through the middle; there is normally no obvious field of vision granted to him. When the plate is removed, his eyes are orange with small pupils. His mouth is wide and usually harbors a tight expression, often a frown or a smirk. On his arms are dark gray gauntlets with vents at the front and back; smoke billows out of them as he punches. He wears similar boots, although they are functionless. As the back of his head is covered with a skinsuit, his hair is not usually visible; under his helmet, however, he has short, dark brown hair, always disheveled. His emblem, found on the belt-strap of his jacket, displays a swinging yellow fist outlined in orange.

Personality: MeleeMan.EXE is a fighter by design; he appears to be fully focused in every fight that he is in. While this sounds like a positive trait, it can at times lead to downfall; he is, for instance, acutely violent, even in the simplest of battles. He sees every encounter as a new challenge, and seeks to meet it with victory. He is happiest when he is victorious in the short-term fight, even if he misses his long-term goal. He has an incredibly difficult time putting on a poker face or playing along; indeed, it is even harder for him to be romantic than it is for Rania. He seems to have a set mentality that everyone is destined to fight him at some point or another. Another factor which makes him hopelessly unromantic is that he is of the belief that every single female navi is instantly in love with him as soon as he meets. His opinion of females is stereotypingly low; Rania seeks to fix this with her own actions. MeleeMan.EXE seems overwhelmingly violent during battle. but he still manages to fight with reason. His favorite weapons are his fists, although he is willing to use other chips. Unlike Rania, he has the mind of a street brawler rather than an organized fighter; while his operator adores typical justice stereotypes, he's willing to take unnecessary risks for a good battle. MeleeMan does not believe that women belong on the battlefield, although he can even attack women if provoked.
God, I can't do two epic MeleeMan approvals in one day. Just take your sexist fighting and great waste protector and go. Approved...