Bard GMO

Jazz GMO: Bard's GMO's will all be based around various styles of music. In this GMO she loses her oversized shirt and poetic look for a more form fitting Jazz pinstripe suit. The suit has a form-fitting pinstripe skirt that goes down to slightly below mid thigh, but not to her knees. It is tight enough to show her hips and curves. She wears the bottom half of her black navi suit under the skirt, and for shoes she wears a pair of black show heels. The heels are no more than two or three inches and strap up her ankle slightly. For a top, Bard wears a males white dress shirt, that is still moderatly form fitting on her. It is looser than the rest or her clothes, but not nearly as loose as the orginial shirt she wore. Her sleeves are the loosest part of the shirt, being as they are the only part not confined by the pinstripe vest. The vest is also very form fitting and shows Bard frame well. Bard loses all of her necklaces and braclets in this GMO. She also replaces her hat with a pinstripe fedora. The fedora is slightly large for her and covers a bit futher down her face, sometimes shadowing her eyes. This GMO also cuts Bard's hair. Her hair gets cut back to her chin, and is styled like a flapper girl from the 1920's. She loses the highlights in her hair for this GMO. Bard often feels like she is a hodgepodge of modern jazz and classic jazz in this outfit. Bard abondons the walking disk for this GMO.

In this GMO Bard exchanges all of her instruments for a trumpet and a guitar. The guitar is the same one that she can summon, and instead of using it for upgraded attacks, uses it like her current bongos. Her summoned instruments change to a piano to replace the Harp, and a Trumbone to replace the Guitar. Her Trumpet can also change shapes into a Saxophone if she feels like switching up her jazz swing.

Also to avoid taking up more forum space I want to register Bard's emblem.

Bard's Emblem is a rose. The center of the rose is replaced by a terble clef. Along each of the interior pedals of the rose is musical staffs and notes. The stem of the rose is a piccolo.
Bard knows what the jazz is all about. The emblem's good too, so both are approved.