Name: 8-Ball.sp
Sex: Female
Appearance: (I'm still working on the sprite picture)
Relatively tall for a female navi, if I had to ballpark it she'd be around 6'1". Athletic build, green hair in a tomboy-ish cut, gold eye color. 8-ball's face seems to resemble Kasumi's "Aunt" Terra, though when she was a bit younger. Her uniform resembles XIII's style, except the jacket is green and the pants are forest camouflage pattern. Also has a green helmet with visor that she wears when in combat. Like XIII, 8-ball also has a marking, though in her case its a tattoo of an 8-ball on her right hand. Her weapon is a rifle very similar to the M1-Garand, though with a slightly more futureistic color and pattern, and a cord comes out of the stock to attack into her helmet, turning the helmet visor into both a HUD and an electronic sniper scope.
Personality: Energetic (with workaholic undertones) and talkative, the kind of person who tends to take responsibility for others upon herself; a sort of energetic "older sister" personality, which greatly compliments XIII's usually relaxed and reckless nature. However, when the heat of combat sets in and 8-ball is focusing on the fight, she becomes a much more serious and intense person altogether.
Element: Wood
Subtype: Cursor

((alright, i think I covered everything at this point. If I'm missing something or did something wrong, please let me know.))
Nope, everything looks good. Approved.
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It's probably better to repost it somewhere else since you're going to need to keep track of the upgrades you're going to spend on it.
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Homepage or even in your navi's profile.