Essentially, Beatnik turns into a fridge. This refrigerator is the standard freezer-over-fridge model. Both the fridge and freezer doors can swing open and shut at Beatnik's will. The fridge is the same violent yellow as Beatnik's bodysuit. Painted onto the sides and back of the freezer box are patches of green that resemble Beatnik's chin-length neon hair. An electrical cord hangs from the back of the freezer unit. It is the same searing green, and acts much like her long tail of hair does in her normal form.

Her face is still visible on the front of the freezer boxes two red eyes and a mouth. (The nose has mysteriously gone missing.) Beatnik moves abort with the help of the squeaky little wheels on the fridge's underside. As one may imagine, her top speed in this form is greatly reduced.

Buster: All of Beatnik's attacks now come from the interior of the fridge itself. She flips open the door of either the fridge or the freezer, and the raw elemental form of the attack comes blasting out to engulf the enemy.
Where's the buster?

Other than that, APPROVED.
Ah, right. Adding in the buster now.
kay, Approved.