Dragon v2.0

I've solved my SP problem...

You see, I decided that as much as I liked Dragon, I don't really enjoy RPing him with SummonerMan. As well as he may fit the "Summoner" theme, being a familiar and what not, I don't think he fits with the theme I had originally envisioned for SummonerMan.

Anyways, after a large amount of thought, I finally decided on what would fit well for my SP, or at least as far as I see it. I don't have an IC reason as to why they need to be swapped, so this would be more of a rewrite than an official change, but I don't think that that should be a huge problem.

Name: Card
Sex: None
Appearance: This SP, interestingly enough, takes the form of a larger version of SummonerMan's usual summoning cards. Once activated, it grows to about 12 times its normal size, 3 ft by 6 ft as opposed to 3 inches by 6 inches. It shares the same design as his other summoning cards, with a white bordered, purple colored back. The underside is blank: solid white. It is sturdy enough to support weight, and currently is able to hover over the ground.
Personality: Being a card, it lacks any personality. It does, however, respond to mental commands by SummonerMan. As a result everything it does is his choice.
Element: Normal
Subtype: Wind

Bugfrags: 200
Max Level: 7
Planeswalking 100 Bugfrags
Total: 100 Bugfrags, 100 remaing.
+ 5 SP Levels
+1 Navi Level

What say you folks?

((Also, while I said it can support weight, I obviously won't ride around on it unless I buy that upgrade, which I plan to do once I have enough bugfrags and reach level 10))