Name: Reaver.GMO
Picture (courtesy of Heat):

Description: Rather than be a full graphic overhaul like most GMOs, Reaver is compsed of more subtle, mechanical changes. The key feature is the gaps running through his armor, which allow for more flexibility and agility than Magna's normal body would permit. In exchange, the gaps also leave vulnerabilities in his armor, leaving this GMO to serve in situations where speed is the key, and leave the defenses to Magna's normal body. Other than that, the only major changes to Magna are a more-narrowed base, with the piston actually protruding out of the bottom instead of staying embedded within his body, and a slightly more rustic hue to his color scheme. Purples are less bright or deep, and yellows turn more beige.
I see no problems with this, so I'll [APPROVE] it.

As long as you remember, that .GMO files are purely graphical and offer no real changes to abilities or stats, though they may change shape, appearance, or custom weapons. So, while you may RP him as faster, it won't increase his [SPEED] stat.

I do fully believe that you know and understand this information, but it's obligatory for me to inform those accepted of the limitations.

Yeah, I know. The speed/defense whatnot is sheer fluff. And thanks Lux.