DNR gets a revamp!

Well time to show what DNR looks like now.... may I present to thee... the new and improved White Blood Cell!

Name: DoNotResusitate.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Elec

Type: Sword

Appearance: DNR is a Navi of perhaps five feet ten inches. On the whole, he is built with the intention of being a charismatic doctor. He has a head of white hair that is swept dramatically to one side, covering one of his eyes. His bright red, almond-shaped eyes seem almost perpetually suspicious. His face looks rather ordinary, if not too ordinary for this man...

DNR wears a set of round ear guards. Rubber attachments jut out of the edges of the ear guards, connecting at the center of his forehead, which is the forehead mirror that so many doctors wear. One ear guard is located at the nine o' clock position, while the other can be found at three o'clock. The use of these protrusions is unknown, but guesses can be stated as to help with hearing the heart beats of navis. This Navi's body is sheathed in a blue, and all of his armour is fuchsia in color.

In battle, DNR puts on a metallic gauze over his mouth to protect from bloodshed, acid, or basically anything harmful for his mouth. It completes the medical mystique as it is a necessity for medical navis.

Lunar's rendition of DNR

Navi Emblem: A black field, with a single bolt of lightning seemingly speeding across it from left to right, shooting sparks every which way. It pulsates with every beat, making it as a monitor for somebody's heartbeat. DNR's emblem is also positioned on his ear guards.

Personality: DNR is serious secretly, deep in the recesses of his mind. Outside, he puts out a rather erratic and affable shell, which eats away the rationality of people at times. Few besides Polonius himself know of his more serious, more intelligent side.

When dealing with other people, he gets along all right with them, even willing to be friends but usually puts his erratic shell first — this is usually done as a test to see how they will act when something unexpected occurs. Although having powerful friends is definitely a good thing, strength isn't the only element he sees in people. Trust isn't something he gives out freely, and it only comes forth after people pass his examination. His friends are valued as good allies, and he treasures them through and through.

Custom Weapon: DNR is a very erratic and very unpredictable fighter who relies almost exclusively on medical tools for his attacks. His main weapon of sort is his Myocardium, a double-bladed scalpel sword that courses with blue electricity. Sharp enough to cut through flesh, but dull enough for the safety of some, this is the optimum weapon for a medical professional.

Charged Attack: DNR simply fires a charged sword swipe to the target, nothing really special.