Atsui Bouya And Enzeru

Name: Atsui Bouya
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Appearance: Wears a rather casual wardrobe. His head has a black baseball cap on top, accompanied by his black hair underneath and sticking out the back. He has deep, blue eyes, and usually has a calm expression on his face. On his torso, he has a semi-dark yellow shirt, with an olive green vest (unzipped) over it. On his hands, he wears the neat little fingerless gloves cause they look cool. The gloves are black. He wears typical jeans, which are just a bit too big and bunch up around his ankles. He wears sneakers that are the same color as his vest; olive green.

Personality: He is very calm, and doesn't like to delve into things without thinking first. He is kind though, and does like to investigate. He doesn't mind it when people butt into buisness, but when they strart messing with it is when he gets angry. He also prefers to bust alone, for fear that his own navi could do something drastic and end up doing what he did a long time ago...

PET Modifications: The pet is totally white, with black around the rim. On either side of the PET's screen are a black angel wind (left) and a white wing on the other side. (right)


Name: Enzuru
Element: Normal
Type: Wind

Appearance: Very small. Enzuru takes the form of a small child, only seeming about 8 in age. He wears clothes instead of the normal navi armor, too. He wears a shirt that is a light brown, with wide, longs sleeves ending right before they entirely over take his arms. Around Enzuru's waist is a black ribbon, seeming to hold his pants up. His pants are the same color as the shirt, and have black ribbons around the ankles to keep them from going any lower. He wears typical wooden sandals. He has white, downwards-facing spikey hair, and only one soft, innocent green eye. On the others side of his face, the left side, it an odd-looking mask that seems to have been broken up. Out of his back are two wings, which are folded up. The one on his left is black, the one on the right is white. They are normally folded up and only as tall as he is, but when it battle they extend to 6 feet each.

Personality: Think 6 year old. He loves to play, he likes shiny things, he's a boy and enjoys flowers. He calls things "Prettyful". He acts just like a child would, but always seems to hold something back. He also regards the creepy mask on his face as though its not even there, possibly because he is scared of it. Despite being so young, however, Enzuru is scaringly smart. He can solve mathematical equations at supercomputer speed, and can formulate ideas incredibly well. The only problem is communicating them, where he states them in kid form.

Custom Weapon: During battle, Enzuru unintetionally spawns numerous silver balls that hover slowly around the area. The balls can transform into weapons like swords and lances, for different kinds of attacks. (Fluff... no gameplay value) Also, when he uses a chip, several of the balls converge and morph into a manifestation of the chip, like a Cannon chip spawning a Cannondumb.

Signature Attack: Repent of the Soul: All of the silver balls in the area coverge, and join together to make a large scyth, which flies at the enemy. The scyth cuts the virus' body and spirit appart momentarily. During this time, Enzuru opens his mouth, and draws in a bit of the spiritual energy, healing his HP.

(40 damage, 25 Hp regain, 3 turn cooldown)


All my other characters were too basic. Now these ones will be much more dynamic.
Read rules concerning heal.
So would it be 25 hp heal?

Look please. o_o

70 cap.

30 heal = 40 damage equivalent.

You do the math.
I also asked if the heal was changed to 25. Changed.
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