Descriptions Redux

Memoriam's design is intentionally confusing and random, meant to convey a feeling of double-ness. His hair is a chaos of black tufts, except for the part that hangs down in front of his face. He has one brown eye and one blue eye, and the difference in tone is obvious.

The the right sleeve of his off-white shirt has been torn off at the shoulder to make way for a heavy gauntlet that reaches almost to his elbow, looking rather comical on the end of his thin arm. His other sleeve is neatly cuffed to the elbow and mostly obscured by a gold-embroidered red cloth draped over his shoulder.

One of Memoriam's two belts always droops slightly from the weight of a gun in its holster, whereas the other, which holds something in between a dagger and a short sword in a horizontal sheath, is always perfectly tight.

Personality: Memoriam is at once a tactician, a warrior, and a humanlike Navi. Although he loves danger, mostly he loves to think. The nature of being simultaneously calculating and reckless forces Memoriam to do what he does best: Think, and think fast. Memoriam often changes his plan of attack twice in the time that it takes him to close to melee distance with his enemy. Every single one of Memoriam's motions is calculated, and yet every single motion is executed with acrobatic flair.

Custom Weapon: Memoriam has no weapon, but an 'aura' within which he can manipulate the Net. The aura powers his Signature Attacks and weapon, and powers his chips. Because Memoriam revels in personal combat, he usually focuses the aura into a small energy blade, though he could just as easily create two blades, or one large blade.
Everything looks good. Approved.