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Firstly a slight minor edit regarding Shinokami as standard. Purely cosmetic.

Proposed Edit: Shinokami's wings can disappear and re-appear at will. However, while Operated by Marie Cage, Shinokami has no wings at all.

And now, one GMO edit and one GMO Registration...

GMO Edit

Name: Ira

Sin: Wrath

Description: As with all SIN Locks, Ira removes the use of Shinokami's wings, as well as modifying his Signature Attacks to coincide with these changes. Shinokami's body gains muscle mass and his fur becomes completely black. His claws on both his hands and feet become larger and more feral, bursting through any clothing covering these areas. His clothing becomes shredded almost to tatters. His body becomes covered in strange, glowing crimson glyphs from head to toe. When certain attacks are used, these glyphs glow brightly. Also, his pupils are constantly dilated and colored irregularly, being black while the irises are red. Due to this change, Ira's personality is that of a psychotic murderer.

Custom Weapon Change: No weapons are wielded by Ira. Instead, Ira uses his claws to rend the enemy apart.


Name: Avaritia

Sin: Greed

Description: As with all SIN Locks, Avaritia removes the use of Shinokami's wings, as well as modifying his Signature Attacks to coincide with these changes. While donning this form, Shinokami takes on a possessive personality, wishing to claim everything and anything for his own. His clothing switches to a green jacket with a golden oriental design, along with a pair of tan hakama, tucked under a set of light-brown greaves with a gold lining. Avaritia also has a set of bracers on his wrists that match his greaves. The sleeves of the jacket are tucked under the bracers. His feet and wrists are covered in white bandages, yet leaving room for fingers, claws, etc to protrude. His fur is somewhat lighter, taking on a light-grey tone with almost-white spots along his chest. Also, his eyes become a golden yellow, yet remain normal unlike Ira's eyes.

Custom Weapon Change: Avaritia does not use any of Shinokami's standard weapons. However, he instead uses two golden scimitars connected by a chain, which seems to vary in its length according to Avaritia's will.


One other tiny detail I forgot to mention. Another minor edit.

Proposed Edit: Shinokami's eyes are always grey/silver, except when a SIN Lock is disengaged.

Also, made a minor edit to Avaritia to add his eye-color.
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